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VIntage Gibson Les Paul Custom 1981

Neck plays like butter, low action. Had that played in feel from the go. Loud and heavy and great sustain.

Current price: 4050.00

Auction ends: 28-11-2022 - 21:29:40

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Fender Stratocaster American Standard USA 1996

Fender Stratocaster American Standard USA 1996. This was my main strat for 10 years, tuners have been swapped out for Fender brushed locking tuners and the strap buttons have been replaced with locking buttons The low E string nut slot cracked and was glued back in place, guitar plays absolutely fine but could do with a new nut in the future

Current price: 700.00

Auction ends: 02-12-2022 - 10:57:14

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2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard T in Desert Burst (with original Gibson hard case)

Pristine example of one of the most desirable Les Paul Standard T models ever. · Neck heel: Classic Les Paul heel. · Nut: Graph Tech nut. I bought it from a collector in virtually unplayed condition, and although I’ve played it a lot, it’s never been gigged and it’s still in pretty much immaculate condition.

Current price: 1850.00

Auction ends: 04-12-2022 - 14:05:39

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Ernie Ball 2836 Regular Slinky Bass 5 Strings 45-130

Ernie Ball is the pioneer of Rock and Roll Bass strings. Overview Regular Slinky 5-string Bass Nickel Wound. 045 -. 130. String Gauges: 45, 65, 80, 100, 130. By far the most popular, produces well balanced all around good sound.

Current price: 19.43

Auction ends: 21-12-2022 - 20:29:37

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Bass Guitar Strings Ernie Ball 2832 Regular Slinky 50-105

Ernie Ball is the pioneer of Rock and Roll Bass strings. String Gauges: 50, 70, 85, 105.

Current price: 20.94

Auction ends: 21-12-2022 - 20:37:26

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Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2018 - Honeyburst With Hard Case

Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2018 - Honeyburst. The fretboard is a nice dark colour, a lot of the tribute Les Pauls I've seen have a pale brown board but this one looks great. Very good looking guitar.

Current price: 870.00

Auction ends: 21-12-2022 - 20:49:17

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Bravewood ‘55 Relic 1955 Fender Stratocaster 2 Tone Sunburst Custom Shop Guitar

Bravewood ‘55 Relic 1955 Fender Stratocaster Ash 2 Tone Sunburst Guitar. Dowel filled jig holes in the body, just like an original. I have owned this guitar for several years and toured The UK and USA with this with the band Wishbone Ash, who I still currently play guitar with - It’s also featured on 2 live albums.

Current price: 2500.00

Auction ends: 21-12-2022 - 20:51:20

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Gibson Les Paul Studio Fireburst

Gibson Les Paul Studio Fireburst. In excellent condition only used carefully at home.  Has some refinished paintwork on the upper bout edge due to me having a slight accident with the finish while doing some maintenance. Which is unnoticeable unless you're looking for it.   Comes complete with deluxe Gibson gig bag.   Hope you enjoy it......

Current price: 800.00

Auction ends: 21-12-2022 - 21:15:15

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EPIPHONE LES PAUL 56 PRO. These have a great reputation and it doesn’t take long to realise why. The Epiphone Les paul is the one to have. These guitars rocket in value as the years pass. You won’t lose money on one of these.

Current price: 399.00

Auction ends: 21-12-2022 - 21:41:54

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